Every year, Apple holds their annual Worldwide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), where thousands of developers and consumers get a look at upcoming products and services, as well as a first glimpse at new operating systems. Over the years, Lighthouse Labs has had many students go through the iOS Development Bootcamp and produce astounding iOS apps, some of which have been published to the app store! While the world is buzzing about all things Apple, we thought it would be a great time to show off some of the apps that our talented graduates have published!


Boost by Shine Chaudhuri

Boost is an iOS app that uses the concept of Loss Aversion, the idea that most people prioritize avoiding losses to achieving equivalent gain, to motivate their users to achieve their goals. As part of the in-app goal setting, users place a certain amount of money at stake and must accomplish their goal in order to avoid losing out. The app is integrated with Healthkit and a selection of wearable technology so that many activity based fitness goals can be tracked seamlessly. Boost has received such positive reviews that it is actually trending on Product Hunt!

Continuous by Chloe Horgan

Continuous is a habit tracking iOS app that helps people set goals and create good habits. Using a clean and effective user interface, Continuous lets its users track their habits and manage their goal completions. Social features are enabled to allow users to share their progress with friends and family.

PALette by Alex Mathers

PALette is a tool that allows designers and artists to create unique colour pallette from photos taken in everyday life. PALette was designed as a solution to one of the biggest pain points for graphic designers; translating inspiration or mood boards into something you can actually use to create a logo or design assets. The app gives users the ability to quickly pull colours from their photos or other inspiration and quickly convert them to HEX and RGB values to use in their designs. Check it out here.

FaceForward by Justine Herman

FaceForward helps people take a step forward in understanding how they truly feel. Users start by taking a short assessment survey, followed by taking a photo of themselves. The iOS app utilizes emotion recognition software to assess the user’s emotional state. Then, based on the user’s primary emotion, determined from their selfie, the app provides guidance on how best to greet the day. As an added feature users have the option to play a suggested streaming radio station from SHOUTcast to lift their current mood (or maintain it), or they can shuffle through other radio stations. Check it out here.

Party Starter by Hyung Jip Moon

Party Starter is an iOS app that integrates with Facebook’s API to help organize event planning. Users see the events they are attending on Facebook and add items to be crowdfunded for the event such as food, beverages, party hats etc. In addition, users attending can also pledge money via in-app Stripe payments and view the item’s funding progress. Check it out here.

WWDC Events and Resources

Excited about all the apps you just read about? Check out our Events page for all of our Apple inspired events we are hosting in honour of WWDC. Also be sure to check out our free online iOS Essentials course to start your journey to becoming an iOS app developer!