Starting in March, Victorians will be learning the skills they need to pivot into coding careers with Lighthouse Labs’ Web Development Bootcamp and Intro to Web Development course.


In addition to successfully established locations in Vancouver and Toronto, today Lighthouse Labs is launching their lauded programs for aspiring developers in Victoria. With a curriculum that emphasizes hands-on experience, the 8-week Bootcamp and 6-week Intro to Programming courses offer a dynamic education for people of all coding levels.

With an expanding tech scene, the need for new developers has created a bottleneck for further growth in Victoria. Students while has gained the support of local tech organizations including: VIATEC, Emplomacy, Metalab and Ladies Learning Code.

"Having programs like Lighthouse Labs has been invaluable to our business. It has allowed us to open up even more opportunities for people wanting to kick-start their careers without having to go to university for 4 years, which is really awesome to be able to do. They walk into MetaLab with all the right foundational pieces to be successful after an intense 2-month bootcamp." says Tim Wilkinson, COO at Metalab.

The Web Development Bootcamp boasts unprecedented employment rates for their job-seeking graduates, while the Intro to Web Development course gives students a comprehensive introduction to software development. The part-time Intro to Web Development course starts on March 14th and the full-time Web Development Bootcamp beginning on May 23rd. Potential students are encouraged to attend the Info Session at VIATEC’s Fort Tectoria on March 3rd. Both programs will take place at Fort Tectoria.

“When the demand for technical talent continues to increase at a rate that learning institutions can't keep up with, Coding Bootcamps like Lighthouse Labs allow for an accelerated entry into a career with incredible opportunity. Demand for technical talent far outpaces our ability to fulfill those roles, so it's not a level playing field - choosing to build your coding skills just expands your options.” says Erin Athene, Victoria Director at Lighthouse Labs.

Having graduated over 350 students in just two years, Lighthouse Labs has established themselves at the forefront of tech education and has helped fill the tech talent gap with similar programs in Montreal, Calgary and the Okanagan.

The fundamental belief of Lighthouse Labs is that coding is a craft and should be taught as a trade. The program boasts agile curriculum that focuses on the most relevant skills, industry professionals as teachers, keeps small classes with a 1 to 7 teacher to student ratios and uses a hands on approach where students spend over 75% of their time in class building real-world software.


About Lighthouse Labs: Founded in 2013, Lighthouse Labs is an immersive, modern approach to teaching web and mobile software development. With a hands on curriculum built by a community of industry experts, Lighthouse Labs focuses on transforming passionate people into agile programmers. Lighthouse Labs maintains unprecedented employment rates and has graduated over 350 students into amazing careers. For more information, visit