Maritimers will now have access to an intensive, immersive approach to programming education, with the 8-week Web Development Bootcamp launching on October 3rd.

HALIFAX, NS - June 10th

Coding bootcamps have cropped up across Canada to fill the growing demand for developer talent. Now, Lighthouse Labs is bringing this new model of education to Halifax with the launch of their satellite Web Development Bootcamp on October 3rd!

The program brings an exciting new form of outcome-based education, where students can go from zero coding experience to professional Jr. Developer in 8 weeks. There is an increasing demand for more developers, and finding that talent can be a painful process for organizations in Halifax. With an over 95% employment rate for their job-seeking graduates, Lighthouse Labs is looking to inject the Nova Scotian economy with a much-needed boost to the tech sectors.

According to Lighthouse Labs’ Co-Founder Jeremy Shaki, Bootcamp graduates will have the ability to provide the unique technology solutions and innovation that are needed to complement the growth of Halifax’s economy.

“Developers play a key part in growing the tech ecosystem, innovation and economy at large.” Says Shaki. “We aim to give them the tools they need to launch their programming careers, and release them back into the local community.”

Volta Labs will play home to our Halifax students, where they’ll spend upwards of 12 hours a day coding, with lecture streamed from our Toronto campus and local mentors to support them.

"These are the types of programs that help fulfill the region's increasing need for talented developers.” Says Melody Pardoe, Chief Operating Officer at Volta Labs. “The Lighthouse Labs bootcamps are for people who want to learn how to build products from start to finish: Exactly the kind of talent we know companies are searching for. It's also one more way to engage the amazing developers who are passionate about mentoring and growing the tech community in Nova Scotia."

Applications for the Web Development Bootcamp starting on October 3rd are now open, and potential students can submit their application online. To complement the launch of the program, Lighthouse Labs is laying the ground-work for bringing a digital literacy event to the city to offer free access to coding education, similar to the massively successful run of The HTML500.

Anyone interested in the program, or looking for support in running any tech-centric initiatives in the city is encouraged to connect with Lighthouse Labs. We will be hosting Coffee & Code at Lion & Bright from 9am-3pm on Thursday, June 16th, where everyone is welcome to come connect with team members from Lighthouse Labs to answer any questions they may have, work on coding projects, and meet other members of Halifax’s tech community.


About Lighthouse Labs:
Founded in 2013, Lighthouse Labs is an immersive, modern approach to teaching web and mobile software development. With a hands on curriculum built by a community of industry experts, Lighthouse Labs focuses on transforming passionate people into agile programmers. Lighthouse Labs maintains unprecedented employment rates of over 95% within 3 months of graduation and has graduated over 400 students into amazing careers.

About Volta Labs:
Volta is a vibrant startup house for early stage tech companies. Volta is located in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia and is the residence of up to 20 high-potential technology companies. Volta is a non-profit created by founders for founders. Our focus is on building a community where entrepreneurs can come together to learn from each other, grow their companies and expand to new markets. Community is our framework. Our goal is to support the needs of technology founders in Nova Scotia so they can grow their startups into global companies.

Media Contact:

Rebecca Haliburton
Marketing Manager, Lighthouse Labs | 604-290-5521

Sarah Linders
Public Relations Manager, Volta Labs | 902-702-0194