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Unlock the power of growth with the wage subsidy program


Streamline your recruitment and unlock new growth opportunities by partnering with Lighthouse Labs. With our Wage Subsidy Program, you can get access to funding that can partially or even fully cover wages and other employment-related costs of new hires that add value from day one.

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  • Hire a post-secondary graduate who has completed a tech-focused or digital program

  • Get wages and employment-related costs fully or partially covered with funding from a Wage Subsidy Program

  • Empower students with highly-sought after skills from underrepresented communities to break into the tech industry

  • Contact our Career Services team to explore available wage subsidies, discuss eligibility criteria and connect with grads


Skilled Talent

The Wage Subsidy Program connects talented tech graduates with the rapidly changing labour market to make a positive impact at small tech businesses.

Career Readiness

Graduates are equipped with the most in-demand skills and knowledge to expertly navigate the workplace upon graduation. To understand and respond to shifting needs and expectations in real-time, our Career Services Team maintains close ties with an ever-growing network of industry contacts.

Recruiting and Screening Help

We’ll work with you throughout the hiring process. We provide assistance with resume curation, interview scheduling, onboarding, and post-employment mentoring.


Candidate Matching

Through a personalized approach with every company we work with, we’ll help you find the graduate that fits your needs.

Industry Expertise

Our team is trusted by students and companies throughout the tech industry. If you're looking for full-time employees, we’ve got you covered.

Cut Hiring Costs

Rest assured, our team selects only the most qualified candidates. With our help, you’ll avoid lengthy screening processes, saving time, money, and energy and — all at no cost to your company.

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*Wages and mandatory employment-related costs covered for the eligible period of employment and subsidy stream. The different Wage Subsidy Programs available have a limited number of spots and are subject to change at any time. Please connect with our Career Services team for the most up-to-date information and eligibility criteria.