Blockchain for Developers

We’ve created the Blockchain for Developers course with one philosophy above all: developers learn better as a community.

12 Weeks, In-person

12 Weeks, In-person



120+ Mentorship Hours

120+ Mentorship Hours

Evenings & Weekends

Evenings & Weekends

Who is this course for?

If you're a software developer looking to learn more about developing in the blockchain, this is the course for you. Together, each cohort of developers will navigate the fast-evolving world of Blockchain, Ethereum, Solidity, Hyperledger, and more while exploring theoretical possibilities and developing solutions ready for a new world of openness and transparency.

What you will learn:

12 weeks In-person

Robust Model

Develop a robust model explaining why and when blockchain distributed applications are a better solution than centralized alternatives.



Understand the full lifecycle of a distributed application running on the blockchain from inception to deployment.


Critical Analytical Skills

Learn to identify signal vs noise to stay ahead of the game while others get distracted with the latest cryptocurrency craze.


Popular Frameworks

Learn how to develop full decentralized application for the Ethereum blockchain writing smart contracts in Solidity.


Coding Patterns

Scout the ecosystem of blockchain innovation to identify best practices and new code or architecture patterns.

Join a Community That's Shaping The Future

We have an amazing group of individuals, organizations, and companies who are actively contributing to our curriculum and projects.

Blockchain Assembly
Victory Square

What you can expect

In-person education with strong mentorship

This course is a mix of carefully curated readings, in-person lectures, guest speakers, hands-on tutorials, and full project builds with lots of access to mentors.

A cohort of experience
d developers

You will be sharing your time with a selected, motivated group of experienced developers who are keen to learn from each other.

Strong industry connections

Through our events, guest speakers, advisory committee and industry partners, you will leave this 12 week journey with a great network.

Curriculum Team & Instructors


Sage Franch


Sage Franch is a seasoned technology educator, developer, and creator of tech lifestyle blog She specializes in emerging technologies including blockchain, mixed reality, and cognitive computing, and is passionate about leveraging new technologies to build a better future.

Blockchain Instructors

Juan Gonzalez

Lighthouse Labs Instructor

Juan is a Software Engineer with 30 years of experience as a developer, architect, consultant, freelancer, teacher, entrepreneur and mentor to others. He has been the lead architect for top web properties such as and the founder behind leading edge livestreaming platform Videogami. He is currently the Lead Instructor of the Web bootcamp and Lighthouse Labs Toronto and the Web Programming course at the University of Toronto.

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Curriculum Overview

Week 1

Introduction to Blockchain.

Investigate emerging trends and predictions for the future of blockchain.
Week 2

Immutability and Consensus.

Learn about mathematical immutability and various consensus algorithms used by the more successful blockchain platforms.
Week 3

Smart Contracts and DApps.

After an introduction to smart contracts via the basic tooling, you will start exploring how smart contracts are at the core of DApps.
Week 4

DApp patterns.

Develop a critical eye for existing DApps, exploring the ecosystem for promising patterns found in your implementation. You will wrap up your first project: Full Booking functionality via DApp
Week 5

DApp Architecture and Lifecycle.

With a full project completed, it is time to ask bigger questions about architecture and lifecycle of a DApp in production.
Week 6

Alternate Tools and Ecosystem.

You will now start thinking critically about existing tooling and how to identify where there is space for improvement. You will port a DApp to a new toolset.
Week 7

Blockchain in Enterprise.

Narrow in to blockchain's use in enterprise scenarios and deepen your understanding of when and why they might need to use private and consortium blockchains.
Week 8

The Evolving Future of Blockchain.

During the final week of instruction, we will think critically about the current state of the blockchain ecosystem and its viability in today's world and the near future.
Week 9-12
WEEKS 9-12

Final Project

You will have 4 weeks to build and deploy a decentralized system. Using Solidity and Ethereum, you will demonstrate your skills through building a project from the ground up.

Download Detailed Curriculum

Download our curriculum package to get an in-depth look at the curriculum for our Blockchain for Developers Course.

Curriculum Package

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Spend three months with us researching, discussing, coding, building, and experimenting with the leading concepts and new ideas in blockchain.