So, you just finished your application for the Lighthouse Labs Bootcamp, what you expect to be the kickstarter to your awesome new career as a developer! You’re pumped about the life changing experience, the intensity and the amount that you’re going to learn over 10 weeks...until you realize that you need to interview in order to get in! Cue the “What?! Why?!”, and a few choice four-letter words that would make your mom wash your mouth out with soap.


We get it: applications and interviews are nerve wracking, and we at Admissions try to make sure that the process is as relaxed as possible for you as a potential student! We have our admissions process not just for the sake of ensuring that awesome people are in our program, but also to answer your questions and to help you make sure that Bootcamp is right for you.

Above all, we are looking for students who are going to make incredible developers. We want people who are passionate about making a career change, who have the grit to go through the intense 10-week bootcamp (it’s called a bootcamp for a reason!), have an aptitude for coding, and are a fit for the unique culture of Lighthouse Labs. Our favourite interviews have been people come from zero background in coding, but simply love problem solving and pulling things apart to learn how they’re built!

While not everyone who comes in to our program has programming experience, we always recommend people have the basics under their belt. If you've never coded before, we recommend exploring our free HTML & CSS Essentials course before submitting your application.

Once we receive your application, we’ll look over your experience, education, and work background. We want to know more about you and where your starting point is before inviting you for an 1-hour interview with our team. When you come in, we’ll show you around our awesome space and introduce you to our community and industry partners before sitting down to get to know you.

This is a great way to see our immersive classroom, and gives us an opportunity to show off our incredible campus. The interview is more of a conversation - it’s the best way for us to learn about your unique personality and passion for coding! You can also expect a brief logic assessment to look at your overall aptitude for code. There’s no need to prepare, as the logic test does not require any coding experience, but we do it to see how you approach solving different problems! The one hour you have with us goes by very quickly, but we love to get to know you and cover all of the bases for what the program will practically look like.

Why the strict admissions process?

Our admissions process allows us to bring in people who are passionate about programming, and who have the grit to persevere through bootcamp - that's why we only end up accepting about 30% of people who apply.

We make sure that our community is one that will continue to grow, and that our students are coachable, resilient, and are ready to jump into industry immediately upon graduation. After a 10-week program, you will not be an experienced programmer, but you will have incredible potential and a hunger to keep learning. We’re all about “developers developing developers,” so we make sure that our alumni go forth embodying our values and are contributing to the tech community.

As our program continues to grow, our admissions process will continue to grow with it. However, we will always continue to accept students from a variety of backgrounds, as we believe strongly in the potential of any person passionate enough to gun for a spot in bootcamp. We’ve accepted applicants who have never touched code, to candidates who live and breathe 0’s and 1’s. We’ve accepted 17-year-olds, 56-year-olds, engineers, musicians, and those with no post-secondary education at all. There is no ‘one size fits all’, and the ingredients that make a great bootcamp student are so much more than experience.

Advice from our admissions gatekeeper:

We view Admissions as the foundation upon which we build our bootcamp. What we do, we do to elevate our community of hardworking, passionate, and like-minded individuals. We seek applicants with incredible grit, a love for learning, and a willingness to be uncomfortable.

We are of a firm belief that to be a developer is to be a craftsman, and to be a bootcamp student is to be a workhorse. While bootcamp is an incredibly rewarding experience, it is one riddled with day-to-day challenges and adventures into the unknown. Our teaching staff firmly believes that anyone can learn to code, but the immersive, intensive, and accelerated learning environment of bootcamp is not for everyone. As our Head Instructor Don Burks says, a lot of people love to cook but not all are cut out to be chefs. And distinguishing the cooks from the chefs… that’s what we do in admissions.

As our Head Instructor Don Burks says: a lot of people love to cook but not all are cut out to be chefs.

When coaching our students on Demo Day presentations, it can be said that: “Put your best foot forward. That means showing up and presenting the best version of yourself.” That's sage advice.

We want to get to know you - let your quirkiness shine through! We’re not looking for perfect answers; just honest ones. The interview is casual in nature so there’s no need to put on your fanciest interview outfit, but again: present the best version of yourself. Ask lots of questions, and prepare by doing your research. We want you to know what you’re getting into, and we want to hear why you think you’d be a great fit for our immersive & fast-paced learning environment.

Above all: be ready to adapt. Our interview is not scripted, and it is not formulaic. We like having meaningful conversations where we dig into your passions, goals, and strengths. If you think you’re up for a conversation, or think that you would make an awesome bootcamp student, we encourage you to submit your application!

If you have any questions contact any of our admissions team at