It’s Back: The Lighthouse Labs 21-Day Coding Challenge Is Ready for Take-Off!

Are you ready to go where no beginner coder has gone before? We sure hope so because Lighthouse Lab’s free 21-Day Coding Challenge is back! With a fun intergalactic theme, prizes up for grabs (including a fabulous Grand Prize - but shhh, it’s a secret!), you’ll leave the Challenge with a brand new space map of just how many possibilities can open up to you with JavaScript.

Starting November 22nd, you’ll begin a 21-day journey tackling 15-30 minute JavaScript daily challenges that will take you from mission prep all the way through take-off and reentry! Every task is educational and habit-building, designed to feed your knowledge and your confidence in coding. Think of the Javascript knowledge you’ll gain as a new, cutting-edge and shiny space shuttle: it’s a cool ride but, ultimately, you decide where you want it to take you.

Our last challenge in 2019 helped almost 10,000 people develop a daily coding habit. This November, we want to help even more future coders learn the foundations of JavaScript to help propel their careers and learn a new skill.

Can you JavaScript?

Did you know that JavaScript is present on more than 97% of websites across the web? It just goes to show how in-demand it is for professional developers and coding hobbyists alike. It is also consistently one of the top three coding languages in highest demand on the job market.

Luckily for you, JavaScript is broadly considered one of the easiest programming languages to learn, even with zero prior coding experience. For those looking to advance their skills further than HTML and CSS, JavaScript is a great starter language with a quick payoff for curious coders and career pivoters alike.

Fun Fact: You already use JavaScript in many common everyday tasks online, including using the Amazon search box, the embedded news recap video on The New York Times, or refreshing your social media feed.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Learning a new skill is always more fun with others - and when it comes to coding, it’s easier with a support network, especially when it comes to crossing the finish line.

Join the Challenge as part of an office team-building exercise, or strengthen your connections with a group of friends from your networking group. Or maybe, try something new with a family member or friend so you can have some unique memories (and new skills!) to look back on. Lighthouse Labs wants to encourage you to learn alongside others: much like our course structure, the 21-Day Challenge is designed to provide all our participants with a community experience.

Share your experience online to keep you accountable and let others join in on the fun using #21DCC. We’ll see you there!

How Much Experience Do I Need?

None at all! If you’re an absolute beginner, we’ve put together some prep resources to give you the basic knowledge so you can build your foundation and excel at the daily coding challenges. Get stuck along the way? We have a community forum filled with hints and tips from fellow participants and our team of code mentors.

Start sharpening your skills with these recommended resources:

Code to Win

Need some more motivation to keep you going? We thought of that, too - we got prizes! Just by registering, you increase your chances to win our Grand Prize. There are also finalist prizes and daily prizes just for completing the Challenge on time. So make sure to complete all 21 challenges by December 12th to improve your chances of winning!

Although there’s a chance for everyone to win, we think developing your JavaScript skillset is the ultimate investment.

Are you ready for coding take-off? Registration is now open! And don’t forget to share your experience on social media using #21DCC!

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