Bootcamp Tuition at Lighthouse Labs for 2021

The world looks much different than it did 12 months ago. We’re living differently, we’re learning differently, we’re working differently. That’s why we’ve decided to do things a little differently at Lighthouse Labs.

In 2020, we’ve shifted our program offerings online. This transition has been a resounding success, with our students continuing to receive our immersive, personalized, outcomes-obsessed education, now from wherever in the country they might be. With the safety of our communities always our priority, we’ll continue to operate exclusively online until it’s safe to transition back.

The transition to remote learning isn’t the only way we’re changing what we offer our students. With remote work quickly becoming more normalized, especially within tech, it makes sense to adjust how we’re helping people find work. We’ve been busy carefully assessing how to best adapt our Career Services offerings to accommodate this changing reality and our community’s needs.

Beginning in January 2021:

  • Students will be able to access our national network of more than 4,000 employers, so they aren’t bound to finding a job in the city where they currently live.
  • Since we’re living and working everywhere, bootcamp prices will be standardized at $13,000 regardless of where you take the program.
  • Students who are not seeking jobs can opt-out of career-services for a discount of $3,500, thus reducing tuition to $9,500. Non job seekers may include the following: entrepreneurs, students without work visa, students planning to go back to school, or students wishing to return to their existing jobs post-bootcamp

Read on to learn more about these changes.

Standardized Pricing for Data Science and Web Development Bootcamps

Location matters less to the tech workers of the future. Whether you want to become a web developer or work in data science, where you work is becoming increasingly irrelevant. You can be at home in rural Alberta working for an organization in Vancouver, or in a co-working space in New Brunswick working with coworkers in Oshawa.

Because of this new, national reality, we’ve decided to standardize the pricing for our bootcamps on a national basis, while also adding more flexible pricing options. Previously, the price you paid for bootcamp was dependent on where you lived, with Toronto cohorts paying a different price than Victoria cohorts. Starting next year, no matter where in the country you are you’ll access your education for the same price.

Interested in information on financing for our programs?

Learn more about what’s available to students in our financial guide.

A New National Platform for Our Career Services

The standardization of our programs is arriving hand-in-hand with a switch to a national platform for our Career Services. The career guidance and support that our students receive will no longer be limited to the radius of where they live. Starting in January 2021, Career Services will help students by using a national network of partners and employers.

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For those that find it useful to narrow their networks to their home city, access to local partners and employers remains an option. Whether you want to search for a job placement on a national or a more localized scale, we’re committed to helping you empower yourself and achieve your career goals.

More Freedom to Choose Through Program Personalization

Our robust Career Services support system is one of the main draws of bootcamp for many of our students. We’ve been proud to offer personalized, 1 on 1, mentored career support to our students and graduates. This Career Services system has resulted in a 95% employment rate for our students within 180 days of graduation.

The value we’ve been adding to our Career Services over the years has become enormous. However, for our students that want to go back to school, who have a job secured for them post-graduation, who does not have work visa, or who are entrepreneurs, these services may be less relevant. So as of 2021, students can choose to opt-out of these resources and receive a significant discount to the program cost.

From 2021, web development flex program, web development and data science bootcamp students will be able to personalize their programs by choosing between our Career Boost or Non-Job Seeker Discount packages.

Ready to take advantage of our new price-standardized and personalized programs?