Vector image of Dot the challenge character on the side of the road with the eiffel tower and the tower of pisa in the background with the words 21 DAY DATA CHALLENGE BY LIGHTHOUSE LABS.

Yay! The 21 Day Data challenge is done! Between April 11th and May 1st, 4792 of you brilliant data warriors pitched in with your analytical skills to help Dot with all their tourism related problems, and to ensure that they had a memorable trip.

After a whirlwind journey of data exploits and analytical adventures, as Dot settles in to unpack their bags, we guess it's time to take stock of some of the important milestones achieved during the challenge, as well as give you the official list of all our winners!

As a community there were...




Number of participants who completed at least one challenge.


The number of times Lighthouse Labs was mentioned on Twitter during the challenge’s three-week period.


The number of posts on the community forum where participants discussed challenges and helped each other debug their code.


Participants completed the 21-Day Data Challenge in 21 days.


Teams took on the challenge, working and learning together.


Participants on the community forum.


The number of people who started and completed all 21 challenges on May 1st, the final day of the challenge.


Grand Prize

Vector image of Dot the challenge character on the foreground of a holiday destination canal with a boat and the words GRAND PRIZE written on a road sign.

This year just like Dot, our grand prize was a dream vacation for 2 to a destination of choice. That's right! The winner of our 21 Day Data challenge got the custom experience of building their own vacation trip and hopefully they will find great use for all the data skills they honed during the challenge. Yay!!

Finalist Prizes

Vector image of empty road with finalist prizes of nintendo switch, airpods, electric bike and ipad mini loating on clouds with the words FINALIST PRIZES written on a road sign.

To complement our grand prize, we also had four finalist prizes up for grabs for anyone who was able to finish all 21 of the daily challenges. All you brave data warriors were battling it out for the chance to win either a Nintendo Switch, an electric bicycle, a pair of AirPods Pro and an iPad Mini.

Daily Prizes

There were also daily prizes for all who completed each day of the challenge. We gave out two prizes each day of the challenge. If you started and completed each daily challenge successfully you were eligible to win one of our daily prizes. In total we gave out 42 gift cards for vendors such BestBuy, Amazon, Tango, Starbucks, DoorDash and Apple.

Team Prizes

And that wasn’t all. The prize bonanza continued with our team prize. This year we gave out four $400 Best Buy Gift Cards to the lucky team of participants who managed to accumulate the highest number of points.

21-Day Data Challenge Heroes

Not all heroes wear capes. Besides the winners, there were a few people who stood up, and stood out, either by pitching in on the forums to help out their fellow data champions, or just by their innate awesomeness, helping to make the experience that much better for everyone else. This is us - doffing our stetsons at you.

21-Day Data Challenge Sherpa

While the forums were made a brilliant collaborative experience by the input and participation of all the data warriors, user “@heretowin” went above and beyond the task of completing their own challenges to acting as a guide and tutor to many of the participants with their very clear and succinct hints, suggestions and breakdowns of the daily challenges. Thank you, kind warrior!

21-Day Data Challenge Troubleshooter

Sometimes technology is a finicky beast. We all have memories of smacking our TV’s to get the sound to come through. No? Just us? Unplugging the printer? Blue screen of death? Well sometimes technology doesn't work the way its planned out but thank heavens for people like name user “@ygw” who was always on hand in the forums with their insightful guides and painstakingly analysis and How-To’s, helping their fellow champions with technical hang-ups and roadblocks. We noticed, and this is our appreciation shout-out.

Prize Winners

  • Day 1: Amazon Gift Card($25) - Jordan Pippy.
               Tango Reward Link($50) - TJ Quan
  • Day 2: DoorDash Gift Card($25) - Richard Duong.
               Tango Reward Link($25) - Nadia Ady
  • Day 3: Tango Reward Link($25) - Logan Wriglesworth
                Apple Gift Card($25) - Tasneem Lalva
  • Day 4: Tango Reward Link($25) - Sean Yang
                BestBuy Gift Card($50) - Mertd(pending waiver review)
  • Day 5: Reward Link($25) - Carli Raul-Omar
                Amazon Gift Card($25) - VictorLeon(pending waiver review)
  • Day 6: DoorDash Gift Card($25) - Lindsay Ward
                Reward Link($25) - Claudia Wong
  • Day 7: Tango Reward Link($25) - Mohamad Tayara
               Starbucks Gift Card($25) - Najma Zulfiqar
  • Day 8: Tango Reward Card($25) - Sandra(pending waiver review)
               Tango Reward Card($50) - Camille Granade
  • Day 9: Apple Gift Card($25) - Hong Xiao
                Amazon Gift Card($25) - Olivia Maoioni
  • Day 10: DoorDash Gift Card($25) - Cora Li
                 Tango Reward Link($25) - Julien Hacot-Slonosky
  • Day 11: Tango Reward Card ($50) - Will(pending waiver review)
                 BestBuy Gift Card($100) - Priya Balasubramanian
  • Day 12: Reward Link ($50) - Samuel Leung
                 Reward Link ($50) - Xinyi Zhang
  • Day 13: Amazon Gift Card($25) - Sappy Bawa
                 Apple Gift Card($25) - Oceana Ding
  • Day 14: Tango Reward Link($50) - Bashir Duranil-Khan
                 DoorDash Gift Card($50) - Jimmy Hua
  • Day 15: Amazon Gift Card($25) - Cameron Craig
                 BestBuy Gift Card($100) - Tomasz Burek
  • Day 16: BestBuy Gift Card($50) - Millie R.
                 Apple Gift Card($50) - Cameron Nicholas
  • Day 17: Tango Reward Link($50) - Khyati Kansodaria
                 Amazon Gift Card($50) - Vinaykumar Kulkarni
  • Day 18: Tango Reward Card($50) - Jessica Ha
                 Reward Link($50) - MKS(pending waiver review)
  • Day 19: BestBuy Gift Card($50) - Yongpeng Fu
                 BestBuy Gift Card($100) - Neena Govindhan
  • Day 20: Amazon Gift Card($50) - Jackie Zhou
                  DoorDash Gift Card($50) - Kevin Wong
  • Day 21: Tango Reward Card($50) - Vitor Gomes
                 Amazon Gift Card($50) - Faridah Thomas

Finalist Prizes

  • Go City Electric Bike - Scott Larter
  • Apple iPad Mini 64GB - Claire Rampersadh
  • Nintendo Switch(Non-OLED) - Adam Gobena
  • Apple Airpods Pro - Thomas Kingsman

Grand Prize

  • Trip for two to a Holiday Destination(From Pearson) - Jacob Johnson

Team Prize

  • Best Buy Gift Card ($400 x4) - William Shieh, Connie Shieh, Eugene Chau, Jennifer Chau.

And it’s a wrap! We hope you enjoyed the challenges, the collaboration and the general fun time of the challenge as much as we did. We can’t wait to do it all over again next year.

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