May 3 was International Space Day, and here at Lighthouse Labs, we’re celebrating the impact software development has had on space exploration.

Did you know NASA relies on Python for most of their software applications, while SpaceX uses mostly C and C++? We've been sending code into space for years - here's a look at some of the ways software development supports modern space exploration.

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When we send rockets into space, software goes with them. Purpose-built operating systems and databases are an integral part of space exploration - they tell navigation systems where to go, guide robots along the surface of Mars, and help engineers solve issues remotely from Earth. When it comes to software in space, from growing bugs to debugging, it’s all covered.

NASA alone lists more than fifteen categories of software used in the daily operations of a mission. They also maintain an entire open-source database available to the public, where developers can make contributions in their area of expertise. This allows the business of space exploration to benefit from the world’s brightest tech talent.

Computer scientists are making history in space exploration.

Are you ready to boldly code where no one has coded before?