*This scholarship is no longer available. Please see our Financial Guide for financing options.

Hello everyone,

As the last few weeks have brought a lot of change, I, like you, have grappled with the realities of COVID-19. At different times I’ve felt some combination of confusion, disbelief, fear, anger and even grief. I have also been able to witness the best people have to offer - as government, industry, health organizations and individuals respond to this crisis by moving at unprecedented speed to help us overcome these struggles. The level of sacrifice and generosity, mixed with camaraderie that goes beyond any partisan, sex, race and denomination, has been inspirational and moving.

I - along with everyone on our team at Lighthouse Labs - feel the need to do our part.

As a small business that has recently been forced to do its own round of layoffs, we understand the struggle Canadians face in losing their job first hand. We understand, and to some extent all feel, the vulnerability of looking at an uncertain future in an uncertain time. We have always understood this challenge as a company that helps professionals upskill and retrain in a fast-changing workplace and we understand it even more acutely at a moment like we currently find ourselves in.

Today, we would like to respond by pledging a total of a half a million dollars in scholarship funds for all our courses, available to those who are facing economic uncertainty as a result of COVID-19. This includes job losses, job minimization and school interruptions. Whether it’s a full career transition, or adding skills that would make someone more attractive in this job market, Lighthouse Labs would like to support every individual we can who is currently in a time of need. We hope to allow those who can, to turn these next few months into a positive moment for their career.

Scholarships will be in $5000 increments for full-time and $750 increments for part-time courses. Our goal will be to give as many of these out as possible and as quickly as we can, for those individuals who suddenly have the time, but may not have finances to put forward at this time. These scholarships are in addition to the vast array of financing and student loan opportunities Lighthouse has already built into our offerings. Courses will all be accessible in our new Online Live Format, allowing students to learn from the safety of their own home - while being enabled to engage with a wide group of motivated peers, an extremely supportive set of mentors, and a Career Services team that is working around the clock to help all our graduates.

We understand that this may be a drop in the bucket considering the circumstances, but as with every gesture and effort we have seen taking place around us, our hope is that these scholarships will help some people in a time of need, and will inspire others to find their own way to provide support. It’s on all of us to respond to this moment. We thank all of those who have inspired and supported us during these toughest of times.

Stay safe,

Jeremy Shaki

Lighthouse Labs CEO

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