Lighthouse Labs Grads Hired at TELUS

When it comes to our students, their success is our success.

Throughout the bootcamp, our team of career services staff work with students to launch new careers in web development and data science. While hiring has slowed across all industries due to COVID-19, Lighthouse Labs web developpment bootcamp grads continue to find success in launching new careers in tech.

The future is now and the future is digital.

Recently, two Toronto grads were offered positions with TELUS Digital, and are working under the guidance and mentorship of a 2016 Lighthouse Labs graduate, Nicholas Mak. These Toronto hires came after two graduates were hired in Vancouver, doubling the total at TELUS. These are their stories.

Read our interviews with a TELUS hiring partner, as well as with Lighthouse Labs grads below.

Elissa, 2020 Lighthouse Labs bootcamp grad hired at TELUS Digital

Lighthouse Labs Grads Hired at Telus

What were you doing before doing the Lighthouse Labs bootcamp?

Before bootcamp, I worked as a digital marketer with a focus on e-commerce, where I worked closely with a web developer. I was always curious to know how different functionalities were implemented, which sparked my initial interest in coding.

What was the most difficult and the most rewarding aspects of web development bootcamp?

I would definitely say that the most difficult part of bootcamp is the pace, and being okay with yourself if you don’t completely understand a concept. This is something I struggled with in the first few weeks of the curriculum, however, I soon realized that the more I learned, the easier it became to pick things up.

The most rewarding moments during bootcamp were when my group members and I were able to solve tricky problems in our applications, especially if it involved a topic that was not covered in class. This gave us the confidence to try new things without the fear of failure. I also loved that Lighthouse Labs encouraged teamwork - I was lucky to have an incredibly close-knit cohort where we constantly shared ideas and helped each other out, and I definitely would not have had such a positive experience without them.

What encouraged you to pursue a career in web development?

I came to a point in my career where I couldn’t see myself being excited about my industry in the long run, and after years of hard work I decided I owed it to myself to explore my curiosity of the tech industry - and I’m so glad I did! I started off self-learning and taking online courses during evenings and weekends. I figured if I enjoyed it enough to spend my free time studying, it was worth a shot.

I came to a point in my career where I couldn’t see myself being excited about my industry in the long run.

How did career services help you find a job at TELUS Digital?

The career services team helped me prepare for the job searching process by providing insightful advice on how to craft a resume and cover letter that meets industry standards as well as showcase any relevant skills I acquired from my previous background. They really encouraged each of us to incorporate our unique passions and skill sets to help us stand out to employers.

What's your advice for someone looking to change career to become a developer?

The biggest piece of advice I can give is to do your research. Bootcamp is a huge investment, so it’s crucial to set yourself up for success - take the time to research the industry, reach out to alumni, and most importantly, start learning to code if you haven’t already. If you can get the fundamentals down before going into bootcamp, it will help you tremendously and allow you to focus on building on a strong foundation rather than starting from scratch.

Nicholas Mak, 2018 Lighthouse Labs bootcamp grad, developer and mentor at TELUS Digital

Lighthouse Labs Grads Hired at TELUS

How long have you been working for Telus?

I've been at TELUS Digital for 2.5 years.

How many Lighthouse Labs grads work on the TELUS development team in Vancouver?

I’m the only Lighthouse Labs developer in Vancouver currently.

Why do Lighthouse Labs grads makes for good hires at TELUS?

Practical modern skills, we don't have a heavy emphasis on algorithms, we focus on seeing if candidates have the knowledge that we require to build our sites. If they are beginners, then we definitely want someone who can learn quickly and ask questions if there are any issues.

What would be your first advice as a mentor for your new team mates?

My advice would be having the mindset of being a "junior" developer, it contributes a lot to imposter syndrome. Don't think about just learning, ask yourself if you can teach other members new technologies or ways to improve our work quality.

Do you feel Lighthouse Labs prepared you enough for the junior web developer position?

I would say Lighthouse Labs provided me with the skills of how to teach myself new languages or technologies. Lighthouse Labs taught me the basic skills, but I had to continue learning some extra technologies after getting my first position.

Sareena Motwane, Talent Partner, TELUS Digital

Lighthouse Labs Grads Hired at Telus

Why do Lighthouse Labs grad makes good hires for TELUS Digital?

I think Lighthouse Labs grads make good hires for TELUS and TELUS Digital because they are trained with the right information and given adequate support through their schooling. The candidates come through with the right mindset and are eager to apply their knowledge and skills in the technical field.

What do you look for when hiring a junior developer?

When hiring a junior developer, we look for the right mindset in the candidates. We want them to come in with a hunger for knowledge and eager to learn. In terms of skills, we look for someone who has the basic knowledge and can understand the principles for us to be able to add to it.

How do you think COVID-19 will affect the future of work at TELUS Digital?

The Digital team will just get busier and busier moving forward as life moves that way. There will always be additional work to be done and additional candidates to be hired to push the work forward and drive the outcomes and asks.

What's your advice for someone looking to change career to become a developer?

The future is now and the future is digital. If you want to be a developer, there will always be tons of opportunities and space for you. Every company, especially after this pandemic will need to have a digital presence so it’s a very important field to be invested in.